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Adaptive Horsemanship

Adaptive Horsemanship and Groundwork Classes

FREE’s adaptive horsemanship program helps individuals with complex physical needs develop and hone their riding skills on trained horses with specialized tack in a safe, stable environment. Our classes are kept small and are tailored to individual riders and their abilities. PATH International-certified instructors develop and lead all classes, and trained volunteers serve as side-walkers, assisting riders on a one-on-one basis.
FREE’s groundwork program enables veterans, first responders and at-risk youth to interact with horses and develop a special bond based on a foundation of communication, mutual trust and respect. Data shows that the horse-human bond not only reduces stress and can help a person recover from trauma but that bond can have significant long-lasting social, emotional and behavioral benefits. Groundwork classes cover grooming, tacking/saddling and groundwork exercises as well as horse behavior and psychology.
During all FREE classes participants “borrow freedom”—here they are free to live in the moment and just be. They are free from limitations, judgement, anxiety and life’s challenges.

Individuals with Special Needs

FREE’s adaptive horsemanship classes for individuals with special needs provide social, physical and emotional development through horsemanship.

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At-Risk Youth

FREE’s program for at-risk youth includes both groundwork horsemanship and riding. Classes are progressive, starting with an introduction to horses and horse psychology, moving on to grooming to tacking/saddling and riding.

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Horses are powerful teachers and healers—and FREE’s groundwork program for veterans are an experiential learning program that uses un-mounted equine-assisted activities to assist in physical and emotional healing.

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First Responders

FREE’s groundwork program for first responders is designed to offer a much-needed respite and to help individuals recover from the effects of trauma and stress.

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