At-Risk Youth

Adaptive Horsemanship

At-Risk Youth

FREE’s program for at-risk youth includes both groundwork horsemanship and riding. Classes are progressive, starting with an introduction to horses and horse psychology, moving on to grooming to tacking/saddling and riding. At-risk youth learn how to connect with their horse by becoming a herd mate—which means they are trusted and valued by their horse.

Value statements paired with horse interactions help create a safe space for bonding with the horses. Participants discover that horses are forgiving and accept them for who they are regardless of their background.

A variety of leading and riding activities—navigating obstacles, join-up activities and empowerment exercises—help at-risk youth gain emotional insights and prepare them for new ways of thinking and feeling about themselves.

Benefits of horsemanship classes for at-risk youth:
• Increased feeling of acceptance
• Enhanced self-image
• Improved decision-making and organizational skills
• Ability to calm themselves in times of stress
• New hope for their future
To learn more about classes, please call or text Jessie, FREE Program Manager, at Ph 970-443-5124 or email her at

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