First Responders

Adaptive Horsemanship

First Responders

FREE’s groundwork program for first responders is designed to offer a much-needed respite and to help individuals recover from the effects of trauma and stress. Classes are facilitated not to teach participants but to allow them the space for each to self-heal in a non-traditional, caring environment.
A team of PATH Intl-certified instructors introduce first responders to horses in an organized, easy-to-get-acquainted manner—pointing out the horse’s “emotional agility” and how horses communicate through body language and respond to body language, energy and intentions. After quiet time and becoming comfortable with their horses, first responders progress to grooming, haltering, leading, stopping and starting, backing up and challenges such as leading through obstacle courses.
Within a short time, first responders and their horses have formed a bond, with the equine partners instilling calmness, hope and trust.

Benefits of non-mounted equine classes for first responders:

• Better sleep
• Increased self-awareness of their emotions
• Improved ability to communicate with friends, family and co-workers
• Healthier relationships
• Decreased anxiety
• Overall increased sense of well-being
To learn more about classes and/or to enroll in a class, please call or text Jessie, FREE Program Manager, at Ph 970-443-5124 or email her at

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