Our Horse Team

Adaptive Horsemanship

Our Horse Team

They are special. They are unique. They are sensitive. They are horses. These powerful, yet vulnerable creatures have a sensitive limbic system that plays a large part in their heightened sensitivity to human emotion, body language and energy. Horses help humans to stop judging and simply start feeling and being in the moment.
Like our carefully selected instructors, our horses have been selected and trained for our program and play a key role in our participants’ personal growth and development.


Boomer is one of the newer recruits at CSU! He is a handsome gray gelding who has lots of experience in the English Disciplines. He is going to be a great asset to our program, he has already stolen the hearts of our staff! We can’t wait for you to meet him!


Chance came to CSU as an all around horse. Chance is a beautiful gray mare (when she is not covered in mud!) who is a favorite among our riders who need lots of input! She loves to march around the arena with a purpose, providing lots of great movement to our riders!


Cochise is retired from ranch pony life, and we are thrilled with how well he is doing in our program! This adorable black and white pony loves the kiddos he gets to work with, and especially likes that they bring him treats sometimes! His nickname is “Goat Cheese” and he doesn’t seem to mind it if you give him lots of snuggles!


Cody is our newly one eyed wonder! Many know that Cody has struggled with recurring bouts of uveitis in his left eye that were affecting his vision, so at the beginning of 2020, staff and board members made the decision to have his left eye removed. Now, Cody is happy and healthy, and ready to get back to work, especially in our Groundwork Lessons! He loves to be told how handsome he is!


Hope is a beautiful gray Arabian horse who is sweet as sugar! She has lots of amazing training which comes in handy no matter which rider she is working with. She loves her job, and has really excelled in our program! Thank you Claudia Oberg for letting us love Hope!


Kodiak is a fun loving Gypsy Vanner gelding with a personality as big as his hair! He works hard in lessons, and loves to show off his smiles to earn his treats after class! Every winter, Kodiak grows a magnificent mustache!


Lakota is a chestnut gelding who shines like a copper penny in the sunshine! Lakota has been a part of our program for many years, and really develops a bond with his riders, especially his owner Brooke! Thank you Brooke Schmidt for letting us love Lakota!


Lucky is newer to our program, but is taking his new job in stride! He is a favorite among many riders for his sweet and kind disposition. Lucky loves to show off at horse shows and always comes home with lots of ribbons! Thank you Stephanie Leonard for letting us love Lucky!


Maverick is a handsome chestnut and white paint horse with a fun loving personality! He is amazing for our riders who are learning to go off lead for the first time. His patience and kindness are his greatest assets! Everyone loves Maverick’s striking color and gentle soul! Thank you Ally Lammers for letting us love Maverick!


Paris is a retired CSU Polo Pony, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our classes at CSU! She is a princess through and through, and wants to make sure you know it! She loves her independent riders and always looks forward to treat time after lessons!


Rita is a retired CSU Polo Pony, and she is one of our steadiest equines! Rita gets down to business when she knows it’s time to work. Whether she is waiting quietly in the mounting ramp for her rider, or walking through obstacles in a lesson, Rita is the epitome of patience! 


Rosa is a retired CSU Polo Pony, and is nearly identical to her BFF Rita! We love Rosa for her versatility, she is great for lots of different riders, and everyone who rides her loves her! She is super sweet, and likes to be pampered every now and then! 


Ruger is a handsome dark bay gelding with a heart of gold! Ruger is incredibly sweet and has a level head, regardless of whether he is in class, on a trail ride, or at a horse show! He is a favorite among riders and volunteers alike! Thank you Beth Allman for letting us love Ruger!


Snickers is the cuddliest little Haflinger! He is known for his adorable fuzzy ears and extremely huggable neck! Snickers is a Rockstar, not only in lessons at Legacy, but also at special events like horse shows and the trail a thon! Snickers is such an amazing asset to our program! Thank you Beth Allman for letting us love Snickers!


Tammy is a retired CSU Polo Pony, she has been there, done that! This little bay mare has taken immediately to her job as a therapy horse. We love her calming presence that she brings to the arena.


Trooper is a gray pony gelding with lots of personality! Trooper will always ask for neck scratches while you are grooming him, and he would happily stand and get groomed all day long!  Trooper has a goofy sense of humor, and sometimes shows that off during lessons!


Willow was retired from her dressage and jumping career due to an injury, but she is a perfect fit for therapeutic riding! She loves having a job, and as one of our biggest horses, she is great for our adult riders. Willow has a smooth, flowing gait, and lots of amazing training that is also super for our more advanced riders! Willow loves getting scratches at the tie rail! 

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