Our Horse Team

Adaptive Horsemanship

Our Horse Team

Every horse used in FREE’s programs is highly trained and has met stringent criteria to be a part of an adaptive horsemanship program.
Initial requirements to be a part of the program includes having a sweet temperament, a patient personality, the right conformation and a clean gait and movement. Each horse must remain calm and trust its handler.
Once a horse meets these initial standards, it undergoes extensive training before it is accepted and used in FREE’s adaptive horsemanship and groundwork programs.
All horses in FREE programs are limited to four hours of class work per day.
Here’s a peek at just five of the horses used in FREE’s programs:


Boomer is a handsome gray gelding housed at the Temple Grandin Equine Center. He has lots of experience in the English discipline and is a favorite about FREE participants.


Chance is a beautiful gray mare that provides great movement for our riders. A CSU horse, Chance loves attention.


Kodiak is CSU’s fun-loving Gypsy Vanner gelding that has a personality as big as his hair. He gets noticed in classes for his hard work and good looks.


Ruger is a dark bay gelding owned by Beth Allman and used at Legacy Stables. He is incredibly level-headed and has a heart of gold.


Snickers’s amazing personality makes him a favorite at Legacy Stables. Owned by Beth Allman, Snickers is a Haflinger and loves partnering with individuals with special needs.

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