Therapeutic Horsemanship

Horsemanship Classes

One hour classes are held from March through October (in six-week sessions) at Colorado State University on Tuesday through Thursday evenings, and at Legacy Stables in northeast Ft. Collins on Monday evenings. Riders are accompanied by horse leaders and side walkers to help steady them in the saddle. Certified instructors conduct activities such as walking and trotting in a circle or through obstacles. Riders do stretching exercises on horseback, and enjoy games. In addition to class work, riders may take part in horse shows and trail rides.
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Therapeutic Riding

In therapeutic riding classes, participants will build their riding skills on trained horses. We offer opportunities for interested participants to learn grooming and tacking, horse skills such as riding at the walk and trot, completing trail patterns, drill team, dressage, and beginning jumping techniques.

Therapeutic Riding lessons meet for 1 hour once per week for the 6-week session. See Activities Calendar above for session dates.

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Horse Show Prep

In our horse show prep lessons, participants will work on horsemanship and riding skills that will help prepare them to attend a horse show. Topics that will be covered include exploring different horse show events and disciplines, preparing a horse for a show, learning about show etiquette and attire, working on riding skills to prepare for specific events, participating in mock horse show classes, and much more! Participants in horse show prep lessons will be offered at least 1 opportunity during the summer months to participate in a horse show using a program horse. Enrollment in Horse Show Prep lessons does not require the participant to attend horse shows outside of class time.

Horse Show Prep lessons will meet for 1.5 hours, once per week for the 6-week session.

Class time each week will be split between horsemanship skills on the ground and riding skills.  See Activities Calendar above for session dates

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In our groundwork lessons, participants will build their horsemanship skills on the ground. Topics that may be covered include haltering and leading, horse behavior, breeds and colors, equine anatomy, round pen work, and lunging. Participants will get the opportunity to work with several different equines throughout the session.

Groundwork lessons will meet for 1 hour once per week for the 6-week session.  This class is all unmounted, no riding.  See Activities Calendar above for session dates.

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