Individuals with Special Needs

Adaptive Horsemanship

Individuals with Special Needs

FREE’s adaptive horsemanship classes for individuals with special needs provide social, physical and emotional development through horsemanship. Beginning riders to learn to ride—and more seasoned riders improve their riding skills—while having fun in a safe and caring environment. A PATH Intl- certified instructor leads every class, with every rider astride a highly trained horse.
Class activities include stretching exercises, riding at a walk and trot, completing trail patterns, drill team, dressage and beginning jumping techniques. Interested participants can also learn grooming and tacking.

Adaptive horsemanship classes help individuals with special needs:

• Improve gross motor skills
• Enhance balance and strength
• Advance cognitive skills related to learning, planning and following instructions
• Increase patience
• Build confidence
Our adaptive horsemanship program is broken into six sessions, each conducted for one hour for six weeks, mid-February through mid-November. Riders can participate in one, two or however many sessions they wish.

To learn more about classes, please call or text Jessie, FREE Program Manager, at Ph 970-443-5124 or email her at

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