Rider Scholarship

Adaptive Horsemanship

Rider Scholarship: Give the Gift of Riding or a Groundwork Session to a FREE Participant

FREE’s direct cost per rider is $50 per hour which equates to $600/rider per 12-week session. To keep sessions affordable, participants asked to pay a registration fee of $300. (Direct costs = arena and horse rental, insurance for riders and instructors, certification of instructors and salaries for program manager, volunteer coordinator and instructors.)

The generosity of private and corporate donations and grants help cover the gap between direct costs and session fees as well as the cost of providing financial assistance to qualified participants. Approximately 25 percent of all FREE participants seek financial assistance.

By donating a Full Rider Scholarship and/or a Over-the-Gap Rider Scholarship, you can help ensure veterans, first responders, at-risk youth and individuals with special needs keep riding.

Full Rider ScholarshipCover-The-Gap Rider Scholarship