Therapeutic Horsemanship

Front Range Exceptional Equestrians Scholarship Information

Scholarship Opportunities An underlying mission of Front Range Exceptional Equestrians is to make its services available to all participants, regardless of income, whose application for participation is accepted. We are able to fulfill this mission through the generosity of our supporters and the administration of a scholarship program based on financial need. We realize for many families, the cost of a program like therapeutic riding can be a burden on family finances, and we do not want cost to be a limiting factor for participation in our programs.

Application for Scholarships New Participants to the program: Individuals applying for the first time to participate in a Front Range Exceptional Equestrian program or class may request a Scholarship Application and submit it with their application for participation. Scholarships are awarded only after the individual has been accepted into a class.

Current/ Continuing Participants: All scholarship requests must be renewed on an annual basis by submitting a newly completed Scholarship Application by March 10 each calendar year. Scholarship Applications are due by March 10 for priority status even if participation is not planned until Summer Sessions. After March 10 we cannot guarantee funds will be available and applications will be considered on a first come/ first serve basis.

Scholarship Awards All information provided on the Scholarship Application is kept strictly confidential. The Board of Directors will review requests at their monthly meeting and may find it necessary to request additional information for clarification. This will be arranged by the Executive Director and/or the Board President on a confidential basis. Scholarship awards are based upon both the applicant’s need including any extenuating circumstances and the amount of scholarship funds available each year. Remember,that the earlier you submit your application, the better the chances are of receiving funding for all of your riding session(s).

Scholarships are awarded in the form of credit toward the cost of classes and programs of the Front Range Exceptional Equestrians. Scholarships can be used to help pay the cost of any of our classes but not for participation in special events like horseshow. The participant and their family will be notified in writing/email of the award. Consistent communication and attendance is required to continue to receive scholarship support throughout the year. All scholarship recipients and/or a family member are required to volunteer at least two hours per session where a scholarship is received. This volunteer time can be in Front Range Exceptional Equestrian’s classes, special events or outside the arena in the office, with the newsletter, cleaning tack or other tasks mutually agreed upon by the volunteer coordinator/program manager and the family. The volunteer coordinator will contact you to schedule this once the scholarship is awarded. Non-completion of volunteer time may result in revoking scholarship funding.

Scholarship Application Criteria The following criteria will be used as a basis for scholarship considerations. For additional questions or comments please contact the program at 970-443-5124 or email Cheryl, the Executive Director for more information.

A. Scholarships are available for group lessons/ classes only.

B. The maximum amount of scholarship that will be awarded is based on the following income guidelines. The board may adjust these guidelines periodically based on cost of living and other considerations of the local economy.

C. Additional consideration in addition to Adjusted Gross Income is given for mitigating factors which could affect a family’s financial status and the scholarship award given. This may include but are not limited to five or more people in the family, more than one disabled family member, single parent family, unusual medical costs or other factors affecting income. The more specific information provided on your application the better able we will be to consider your request.

D. All funds awarded is by decision of the Board of Directors. Once the Board makes a decision, the participant/ family will be notified in writing/ email as soon as possible prior to the beginning of the next session.

E. All scholarship applications must include a copy of the first page of the most recent IRS income tax return or a copy of an SSI or other government assistance check with your application. If the applicant is a minor, then a copy of the tax return for the parent is required. Applications not containing financial information with their application form will NOT be considered for scholarship awards.

F. Any remaining payment for the session, after the scholarship award, must be received no later than the first class. Non-payment of the family portion of class fees may result in revoking the scholarship.

G. Any changes in financial situation must be reported to the Program Manager or Executive Director within 30 days.

H. If a scholarship is not awarded or is awarded at a lower percentage and changes in financial status affect the family’s income, notification of these changes to the Board/ Program Manager or Executive Director will allow additional consideration of the situation and may result in a higher scholarship award for later classes.

Scholarship Application