Volunteer opportunities abound at FREE— And our staff and riders love our volunteers!

Who Can Volunteer?

If you have one day a year, a half of day a month or three to four hours one day a week, FREE would love to have you as a volunteer. And, with a variety of tasks that need performed, you don’t have to be a horse person to volunteer. Of course, if you like being around horses, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for you to interact with horses.  

We are seeking individuals who have a giving heart.

  • Independent volunteers must be 15 years and older.
  • Youth volunteers between ages 12 and 14 are required to volunteer with a parent, guardian or designated group leader.
  • All volunteers 18 years and older must undergo a background check using FREE’s appointed company before actively volunteering . FREE will pay half of the cost of a volunteer’s background check .
Side Walkders

Volunteer Opportunity
Side Walkers

All volunteers in the FREE program begin as side walkers. One or two side walkers are needed for every rider in each of our adaptive horsemanship classes for special needs individuals and at-risk youth. All volunteers serving as sidewalkers will be given training specific to FREE, and this training must be completed before working with horses.

Physical fitness- wise, volunteers serving as side walkers must be able to walk in the sand arena for an hour and jog for moderate distances. Time-wise, you are needed one day a week for 1.5 hours for a 12-week session. If you want to volunteer for two back-to-back classes, that works for us too. (Check out what our volunteers say about helping out as side walkers.)

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Volunteer Opportunity
Horse Leaders

Horse leaders—whose key job is to focus on leading the horse—must first serve a side walkers. All volunteers serving as horse leaders will be given training specific to FREE so they know how FREE handles its horses and volunteers are comfortable in this role. This training must be completed before working with horses.

Volunteer horse leaders must be able to walk and jog in sand arena for an hour while maintaining control of the horse. Time wise you are needed 2 hours a week for a 12-week session.

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Volunteer Opportunity
Class Assistants

Our horsemanship and groundwork classes for veterans and first responders need individuals 21 years of age and older who are comfortable interacting with horses and people. You’ll assist our PATH Intl. certified instructors in helping participants have a successful experience at every class. Knowledge of horses and horse/person behavior is a must. Training will be provided so you feel comfortable in your role.

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Volunteer Opportunity

If bookkeeping/accounting is your wheel house, then we would love to have you assist us with these duties. Volunteers are needed to invoice participants, deposit checks and handle accounting/bookkeeping tasks associated with our non-profit. Being a QuickBooks guru is a plus.

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Volunteer Opportunity
One-off Assistance, Events

If you prefer to volunteer on occasion for a half day or a full day, we have a spot for you. We could use individuals who can provide IT support on an as-needed basis, help check in participants at our annual horse show, serve on committees, seek silent auction items, etc.

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Time Commitment, Scheduling

  • Volunteers who wish to help with barn duties are needed for one to four hours a day, one day of week, Monday through Thursday, for three months. OMIT Barn duties, we have interns that do this or volunteers who are already there and their client hasn’t shown up yet.
  • Volunteers serving as side walkers are asked to commit to one day a week for 1.5 hours, Monday through Thursday, for three months.
  • Volunteers serving as horse leaders are asked to commit to one day a week for 2 hours, Monday through Thursday, for three months
  • Volunteers interested in helping with administrative tasks, bookkeeping and IT support have a highly flexible schedule.