Adaptive Horsemanship

Testimonials from our Participants, Families & Volunteers

Read about how our program is making a difference for these individuals!

The Family of Jessica S.

“There is no substitute for a program like FREE There is just nothing like it. I am in awe of volunteers who selflessly give many, many hours..each week so that my daughter can ride…There is somuch work that goes into a program like FREE but the volunteers make it seem effortless…THANK YOU for everything. Is it appreciated beyond measure.” 

Linda & James B.

“Thank you for the difference you have made in Ashley’s life…Ashley’s self confidence and self esteem have improved significantly…Also, the intelligibility of Ashley’s speech has improved. (Her) social skills have improved a lot. Ashley loves FREE. Thanks for all that you do!” 

Holly and Julia O.

“FREE has been an amazing program for my daughter Julia. It has helped her in so many areas—- socialization, balance, motor skills and over-all confidence in herself. The volunteers are outstanding. The dedication they give has definitely had a positive impact…You are the BEST!” 

Emily L.

“If we didn’t have our wonderful volunteers, I wouldn’t be able to RIDE! Thanks to every one of you that makes the program possible, from supplying the horses, grooming and saddling them up, keeping me safe walking and trotting, teaching me new skills…and most of all putting a smile on my face and in my heart every week!” 

Melissa P.

My 4-year-old daughter (Jessica MacQueen) can’t sit still through a short meal. However, she could sit properly on the back of a horse for an hour…What may seem to (the volunteers to be) only a brief intersection of lives is exponentially more significant for my daughter and her family. We were delighted and relieved by the dramatic improvement in speech, coordination and confidence…We are grateful to FREE and its volunteers for providing this wonderful learning experience.” 

Heather H.

“Emma is probably one of FREE’s most challenging students!…Emma has had a gait trainer…her entire life, and she usually just hung on it, occasionally extending her body and making it move a few inches forward…Then one day she started charging around the room! It was incredible!…Then, as suddenly as she started, she stopped…About a year later Emma started up again! She ran all over the place…for a couple months, and mysteriously stopped…One time she even followed the sound of my voice (Emma being blind) around corners and made her way to the laundry room—wow. I’ve never had my child come to me before, or do anything with real intent and ability. Eventually I realized that Emma would walk/run whenever she was in a FREE (six-week) session, and stop when she was out…When she’s out of session, there’s no getting her to move…Therapeutic horseback riding has always been fantastic for her torso strength and muscle control—plus she just plain loves it—but to see her be more mobile on her own is something else. Thank you.” 

Christy R.

“My favorite part of the horseback riding lessons was when I was able to trot….When I trotted it made me laugh because it was bouncing me up and down…All the volunteers were nice to me and helped me feel safe on the horse.” 

Susan & Nick R.

“To our much-appreciated volunteers: Week after lovely week we’ve spent an hour with a favorite group of friendly folk—some of whom are 4-footed and some 2-footed! For your dedication to this cause and for your willing hearts to invest hours, days and weeks of time and energy, we’re grateful…May this inspiring and purposeful opportunity continue to have a large vision for the future, and continue to bless your lives as it has ours.”