Adaptive Horsemanship


Horses are powerful teachers and healers—and FREE’s groundwork program for veterans are an experiential learning program that uses un-mounted equine-assisted activities to assist in physical and emotional healing.

Horses offer a pure, non-judgmental relationship and give a veteran a mirror into themselves and an opportunity to reflect. Veterans are empowered to find new purpose and rebuild their strength in a non-traditional setting.

Veterans participate in groundwork classes specifically designed for them. FREE’s groundwork classes cover grooming, tacking/saddling and groundwork exercises as well as horse behavior and psychology. Veterans will learn the importance of defining his/her personal space, the importance of body language to match a situation, leading manners and to make a horse respond to his/her leadership.

A PATH Intl-certified instructor/Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning instructor works side by side the veterans to create and align a partnership with their horse.

Benefits of equine-assisted activities for veterans:

• Helps reduce stress
• Improves mindfulness and self-efficacy
• Enhances self-esteem
• Boosts communication
• Promotes camaraderie

To learn more about classes, please call or text Jessie, FREE Program Manager, at Ph 970-443-5124 or email her at

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